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Block – fås i flere størrelser, farver og tekstur

Block – fås i flere størrelser, farver og tekstur

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OBS Vi gør opmærksom på at der kan være 2 til 3 ugers leveringstid på denne vare.

All of the products in this series are made of Fiberglass combined with 58% finely ground stone. This composition is also called Fiberstone and is low maintenance. The timeless appearance and high quality of the lightweight planters means that they will last for years, both indoors and outdoors

Quality is of great importance to Pottery Pots and therefore we are very proud of the fiberstone material. fiberstone is based on the precious natural stone. The material consists of a mixture of fiberglass and stone powder. This combination ensures a durable material that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use at any temperature. The high quality means that the products will last for years. The unique characteristics such as the different appearances, light weight and low maintenance makes this material a better alternative for planters and pottery.